Established in 2014, MUN inc. is a regional education provider based in Southeast Asia which specialises in making Model United Nations and other model conference simulations accessible and understandable. We believe that students can learn more from experiential learning, and we impart debate, diplomacy, research and writing skills to the next generation of leaders using conference frameworks.

Designed as a one-stop shop for anyone interested in conference simulations, MUN inc. Uses a service subsidisation business model to consult, coach and create learning experiences for students, businesses, non-profit organisations and governments across Asia.

As a leader in experiential education, we are also proud to have pioneered new ways of learning such as the ASEAN Foundation’s Model ASEAN Meeting and introducing the WIMUN approach of Model UN to the region. Needless to say, we are passionate out-of-the-box educators who are excited to continuously break new ground in this field of innovative education.



As Southeast Asia’s leading education provider for all things Model United Nations or
ASEAN related, MUN inc. is a one-stop shop for students, parents, educators and partners. We consult, coach and create learning experiences and can help anyone who is interested in developing their skills or capabilities in the field of academic simulations. We call this our zero-to-one model of experiential learning. 


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With years of experience, we advise, strategise and develop long-term plans to help build entire clubs, student groups or conferences from the ground up.



As the leading educator of Model United Nations and ASEAN in the region, we train and mentor students, teachers and other partners to become experts themselves.



Using Southeast Asia as our hub of operations, we provide a range of support services, including operations and logistics to partners looking to establish themselves in and around the region.



MUN inc. was founded by a group of then students from Yale-NUS College who shared a common passion for Model United Nations. They experienced first-hand the educational benefits of MUN in their studies, but also witnessed the absence of any education provider in the region who could help students to excel and maximise learning from their conference experiences. Thus, MUN inc. was created to address these two social goals as well as to professionalise this new sector of the education industry.

Since then, MUN inc. has grown to become the leading expert on MUN and other conference simulation exercises in Southeast Asia. To date, our team has trained more than 1,600 students and have created more than 2,700 conference experiences. We have also worked with schools, non-profit organisations, and governments in countries such as Singapore, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and more.

In 2017, MUN inc. partnered with the ASEAN Foundation to develop the first official Model ASEAN procedure, in hopes of promoting ASEAN and its values to the Southeast Asian region. In 2018, we pioneered the WIMUN approach to MUN developed by the World Federation of United Nations Associations and brought the first delegation of Vietnamese students to be represented at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, USA.


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“Masterclass was highly informative, catering to students of drastically different experience levels. In the span of just a few hours, the sheer volume of information covered was remarkable. Aside from factual information, we were also taught to consider the human aspect of conferences, how to raise one’s EQ and interact with fellow delegates; advice rendered by seasoned MUNers, who were highly knowledgeable, approachable and willing to assist. Additionally, this course provided a great platform on which mistakes could be made, and rectified, prior to an actual conference.”


School of the Arts (Singapore)

Wileen Saw

"MasterClass is a well-rounded platform to learn the art of Model United Nations and to meet new people. It is rare that MUNners have coaches, thus the MasterClass indubitably laid a basic foundation for my MUN Career. The talks were very in-depth, and covered all aspects of MUN. Even with prior MUN experience, I acquired valuable tips and tricks to succeed as a delegate, especially in writing winning resolutions. Furthermore, we were given a chance to apply our new skills during the enjoyable in-house council session. The trainers were very experienced and knowledgeable, and
kindly responded to my endless questions. They also entertained us with their hilarious MUN jokes!"


Geylang Methodist School (Singapore)

Talisha Leilani Griesbach

"As a workshop for beginners, it's an excellent opportunity for newcomers to Model United Nations to start out strong. The Grand Strategy aspect of the workshop condensed the experiences of elite, award-calibre delegates - helpful to delegates of all levels of experience.”


St. Joseph's Institution (Singapore)

Russel Huang

“Having no prior knowledge or experience with Model United Nations, Ms. Tiffany guided me from start to finish. She made sure I could excel
at my first conference and that I was able to perform my best. In those months of training, Ms. Tiffany also shared her experiences and provided me with instrumental mentorship and
anecdotes that has not only prepared me well for MUN, but also sparked my interest in it. Now, I pursue MUN actively.”


The Olympia Schools

(Hanoi, Vietnam)

Dang Mai-Ha