Our social impact goal is to make education affordable and accessible for all, so that groups such as vulnerable youths do not miss out on opportunities that will help them be more successful and employable in the future.

A significant proportion of youths in our society is struggling to achieve developmental goals due to economic inequality, familial issues, disenfranchisement from the education system and an inability to keep up with the pace of globalization and digitalization. Focusing on Sustainable Development Goal #4, Quality Education, The Global Citizen aims to make skills development training and Education for Sustainable Development affordable and accessible for all, so that vulnerable and underprivileged youth do not get left behind and miss out on opportunities.

At MUN inc., we also focus on achieving Sustainable Development Goals #10 and #17, which are Reducing Inequalities and Partnerships for the Goals respectively. We hope that through our programs, we can reduce inequality within and among countries to empower and promote the social, economic and political inclusion of all. We also aim to strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development to enhance the global partnership for sustainable development.

In 2019, MUN inc., a subsidiary of The Global Citizen Education Group, embarked on our social enterprise transformation plan, with the aim of furthering our social impact through our programs. The Global Citizen Education Group is registered with raiSE, set out to achieve our social impact goals. We want to equip more students in critical skills, such as soft skills, employability skills and global citizenship skills, that they would require to face the challenges of a VUCA world.



At MUN inc., we endeavour to create new platforms to increase access to such programs for students across the world to enrich themselves through intellectual stimulation via model conferences. As an education social enterprise, we have developed partnerships with organizations from around the world to create these conference opportunities in Singapore and Southeast Asia.


Our MUN IN A BOX initiative serves as a resource hub developed by MUN inc. as one of the many community-oriented programs. This initiative was inspired by the belief that experiential learning should be made accessible to everyone. Hence, MUN IN A BOX was created to bring the joy and educational benefits of Model United Nations to students from all walks of life.


Each box comes fully equipped with all the essential materials and tools that one needs to organise a MUN conference for up to 20 students. Notably, in line with our mission as a United Nations Global Compact company, each box includes a curriculum designed to complement global citizenship education at schools, through making the Sustainable Development Goals a central part of the teaching materials. Schools or student groups who meet our requirements for financial support can receive their very own MUN IN A BOX at no cost.


Whether you are a beginner at MUN or an avid MUN-er, you will be able to benefit from our programs at MUN inc. In line with our aim of creating accessibility, we frequently host free workshops or conferences to engage with the MUN community worldwide, bridging the gap of experiential learning. We constantly develop partnerships with renowned organizations to create new opportunities for all students globally. 


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