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In reaction to COVID-19, the Crimson MUN Academy is an online adaption of Crimson MUN Summer Camp that was slated to happen in July 2020, compromising of a series of workshops that will provide the same educational experience while respecting current social distancing guidelines.

A MUN programme like no other, Crimson MUN Academy is centered around the theme of international relations and global diplomacy. Delving into the subjects that are fundamental, yet rarely covered, to the negotiations and policies made during MUN conferences will allow delegates to formulate persuasive arguments grounded in academia .


For both the beginner and seasoned MUN veteran, Crimson MUN Academy inculcates deeper appreciation of how all these vastly different subjects are intricately intertwined in the world of international relations, and teaches not just Model UN skills, but a cross-disciplinary mental framework that unlock their true potential as changemakers who can articulate their ideas clearly.

  • Expand knowledge on issues in international relations

  • Understand the various disciplines underlying MUN policies and committees

  • Gain a better appreciate of how these disciplines influences life around us

  • Develop strong arguments grounded in academic models, frameworks and theories

  • Improve negotiation and persuasion skills


The Crimson MUN summer camps are designed to provide students with a holistic yet interactive and experiential platform to hone their skills and knowledge. Our innovative and uniquely developed curriculum emphasizes three core areas of academic growth:




Through the workshops, seminars and simulations, students will have the opportunity to engage and grapper with global issues under the guidance of our trainers. They will be exposed to various hands-on sessions in the form of modules, while learning more about economics, politics and global social structures. The program will end with a simulation of selected committee sessions with the trainers serving as chairs, to facilitate discussion and encourage collaboration.


Students will emerge from the program with a deeper appreciation of how the world and international organizations like the United Nations operate, and understand more about their role in this world as global citizens and leaders alike.


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Global Social Structures

Icon_Developing of global consciousness.

Developing of global consciousness

Icon_Equipping 21st century skills.png

Equipping of 21st century skills

Icon_Enhancing leadership skills.png

Enhancing of leadership skills

Conflict and Resolution

July 04, 2029 at 9.30am (GMT +8)

Botany in The Developing World

July 05, 2020 at 9.30am (GMT +8)

Women's Soccer vs. NYU

July 11, 2020 at 9.30am (GMT +8)

Innovation Day 2023

July 12, 2020 at 9.30am (GMT +8)

University Symphony Orchestra

July 18, 2020 at 9.30am (GMT +8)

Student Council Elections

July 19, 2020 at 9.30am (GMT +8)

Student Council Elections

July 25, 2020 at 9.30am (GMT +8)

Student Council Elections

July 26, 2020 at 9.30am (GMT +8)

IMG_9970 - Andy Wang.jpg


Andy Wang is a rising sophomore at Harvard University. Originally from Naperville, Illinois, Andy will be pursuing studies in Social Studies, with a language citation in German. In his free time, he enjoys exploring, visiting art museums, going for long walks...Read More

DavitAntonyan - Davit Antonyan.jpg


Davit Antonyan is an enthusiastic Californian, born and raised in Armenia, where he developed an initial interest for international relations. Currently a freshmen at Harvard university, Davit interested in concentrating in government and sociology...

Read More

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Jared is passionate about global education and believes that Model UN provides an experiential learning approach for students to engage and develop their interest in international affairs. With some 5 years of Model UN coaching experience...Read More

Profile Picture 1 - Pedro Farias.jpg


Pedro Farias is a senior at Harvard College studying Applied Mathematics in Economics with a secondary in Computer Science and a citation in German. Born in Brazil, Pedro's academic passions span beyond math and the sciences, as he is also an avid observer...Read More

Cui HS - Angie Cui.jpg


Andy Wang is a rising sophomore at Harvard University. Originally from Naperville, Illinois, Andy will be pursuing studies in Social Studies, with a language citation in German. In his free time, he enjoys exploring, visiting art museums, going for long walks...Read More

HCMC Open House -14.jpg


Eliza graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, studying Economics and International Relations. With 8 years of Model UN experience under her belt, Eliza has competed at 20 conferences in the United States...Read More


Kathryn is a senior studying History and Government at Harvard College. She is an avid photographer who is interested I journalism and women's rights...Read More

Headshot_Soy Choi_UC - Soyoun Choi.jpg


Soyoun (Soy) Choi is freshmen at Harvard College pursuing a concentration in Biomedical Engineering. She comes from Melbourne, a beautiful beach town on the east coast of Florida. In her free time, Soy truly enjoys playing golf, tennis, violin...Read More


30 USD

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The Harvard IRC is a 501(c)3 non-profit and the largest student-run organization at Harvard University. The Harvard IRC focuses on promoting awareness of international issues and using the resources available to us to educate their members and peers around the world. With seven semi-independent and centrally-funded programs, their programs are constantly evolving and changing, with many opportunities for innovative new ways of promoting their mission. The Harvard IRC is also the same great team that organizes Harvard MUN (HMUN) and Harvard National MUN (HNMUN), one of the most prestigious high school and college level conferences respectively.

Established in 2014, MUN inc. is a regional education provider based in Singapore which specializes in making MUN and other model conference simulations accessible and understandable. Designed as a one stop shop for anyone interested in conference simulations, MUN inc. uses a service subsidization business model to consult, coach and create learning experiences for students, businesses, non-profit organizations and governments across Asia. As a leader in experiential education, they have pioneered new ways of learning such as the ASEAN Foundation’s Model ASEAN Meeting and introducing the WIMUN approach of MUN to the region.