This patent-pending innovation was inspired by the belief that experiential learning should be made accessible to everyone. Hence, MUN IN A BOX was created to bring the joy and educational benefits of Model United Nations to students from all walks of life.


Each box comes fully equipped with all the essential materials and tools that one needs to organise a MUN conference for up to 20 students. Notably, in line with our mission as a United Nations Global Compact company, each box includes a curriculum designed to complement global citizenship education at schools, through making the Sustainable Development Goals a central part of the teaching materials. MUN IN A BOX is suitable for students ages 14 and above and can be used by students and educators alike.


MUN IN A BOX is a not-for-profit initiative, developed by MUN inc. as one of its many community-oriented programs. Therefore, schools or student groups who meet our requirements for financial support can receive their very own MUN IN A BOX at no cost. For more details on eligibility, be sure to visit the official MUN IN A BOX website. We are generally looking to assist students from underprivileged, rural, isolated, as well as under-served areas of the education community.


All other schools or student groups can also purchase MUN IN A BOX, with proceeds going towards funding this program, as well as furnishing eligible schools or student groups with their own MUN IN A BOX.

For more details including the curriculum or the materials included, visit