MUN inc. was founded by a group of then students from Yale-NUS College who shared a common passion for Model United Nations. They experienced first-hand the educational benefits of MUN in their studies, but also witnessed the absence of any education provider in the region who could help students to excel and maximise learning from their conference experiences. Thus, MUN inc. was created to address these two social goals as well as to professionalise this new sector of the education industry.

Since then, MUN inc. has grown to become the leading expert on MUN and other conference simulation exercises in Southeast Asia. To date, our team has trained more than 1,600 students and have created more than 2,700 conference experiences. We have also worked with schools, non-profit organisations, and governments in countries such as Singapore, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and more.

In 2017, MUN inc. partnered with the ASEAN Foundation to develop the first official Model ASEAN procedure, in hopes of promoting ASEAN and its values to the Southeast Asian region. In 2018, we pioneered the WIMUN approach to MUN developed by the World Federation of United Nations Associations and brought the first delegation of Vietnamese students to be represented at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, USA.