Teachers are known by many names. To us, coaches are mentors, teachers and administrators, all rolled into one. They teach, nurture and at times even accompany students to conferences. Depending on the nature of the lessons, some classes are scheduled weekly, while others are on an ad-hoc basis. Hence, as long as you have an interest in teaching, we encourage you to apply.

Tertiary students are also welcome to apply as we use a system that allows our instructors to work and study simultaneously. Our instructors can decide to take up teaching assignments based on their preference and availability, since there is no minimum number of teaching assignments that an instructor must undertake within any given time.

Our ideal coaches should be able to connect with and inspire their students, bringing out the best in each of them whilst passing on valuable skills and knowledge!



  • Must have at least completed GCE 'A' level, diploma or equivalent education.

  • Must be above 18 years old (as of 1 January).

  • Have a track record of participation in and/or chairing of MUN, Model ASEAN              or similar conferences.

  • Be familiar with at least one major MUN format, including but not limited to:              UN-USA, THIMUN, the WIMUN approach or Model ASEAN Meeting.

  • Prior coaching or teaching experience is highly preferred.

  • A history of awards is a plus, but not a strict requirement.

  • Should be trustworthy and reliable, and be able to work independently or as              part of a teaching team.

  • Most importantly, enjoy working with students aged 10 to 24 years old.

  • Applicants who are willing to travel abroad for teaching assignments in the      Southeast Asian region are also preferred.