This summer, the Georgetown International Relations Association (GIRA) brings its flagship high school conference to Bangkok, Thailand, as the inaugural North American Invitational Model United Nations – Southeast Asia (NAIMUN SEA) conference. NAIMUN-SEA aims to attract over 500 delegates from high schools across the region, simulating six committees. NAIMUN-SEA seeks to introduce this region to best practices and academic rigour of one of the oldest and most established simulations of the United Nations in the United States, the North American Invitational Model United Nations (NAIMUN) conference, organised by one of the top International Relations universities in the world.

NAIMUN was founded in 1963, and is organised by over 250 undergraduates from Georgetown University. It simulates over 30 committees and convenes more than 3000 young students globally, be they from “Silver Spring, San Francisco, or Shanghai.” Regular features of NAIMUN also include speaker series talks on social justice and visits to embassies and museums across the U.S. capital.


The Georgetown International Relations Association (GIRA) was founded in 1969 with a mission to educate global leaders through interactive learning. As a non-profit based in Washington, D.C., in the United States, GIRA organises multiple Model United Nations conferences year round for high school and collegiate students. GIRA consists of undergraduates from Georgetown University and is a sister organisation of the Georgetown University International Relations Club.

For more information about NAIMUN SEA, check here.