We believe that MUN/ Model ASEAN is a fun and innovative way of combining case-based instruction with experiential learning to introduce sophisticated political concepts and cultivate holistic skills such as researching, writing, speaking, negotiating and networking.


These skills are essential for 21st-century competency and learning about the United Nations and ASEAN engages youths in current affairs and global issues. Through background research and discourse during committee sessions, youths would be exposed to greater insights on global affairs. These in-depth exposures to international affairs enable youths to develop global perspectives. 


Our programs are offered by the experiential learning method, where students can experience first-hand, how global leaders are making vital decisions daily. Through this method of learning, students will get a deeper understanding of world issues and the context of how these issues are negotiated and resolved. Beyond these academic benefits, students also develop future-ready skills, such as communication and leadership skills, contributing to the mental development of students. 


At MUN inc., we are passionate about MUN and Model ASEAN, and we understand the great benefits that come with it. We want to inspire future generations to experience these model conferences by advocating the need for quality education. These simulations of the diplomatic processes are increasingly significant in this interdependent world. We seek to nurture informed global citizens who not only comprehend the decisions their country makes but also how these various changes affect the world.