The Association of South East Asian Nations, better known as “ASEAN”, is a 10-member regional
organisation which promotes inter-governmental cooperation and integration across numerous sectors of society, including economics, politics, defence and education. In recent years, ASEAN has played an increasingly important role in the region by facilitating collaboration with larger stakeholders such as China, India, Australia, Japan and the United States.


Model ASEAN is an academic simulation of the ASEAN meetings, where participants play the role of diplomats and represent any one of the 10 ASEAN member states. They attempt to solve real world issues by adopting the policies and perspectives of the country which they have been assigned, and the “ASEAN way” of consensus decision-making.

The key objective of Model ASEAN is for participants to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of ASEAN, as well as its inner-workings which are unique to it as a Southeast Asian organisation.

Model ASEAN is similar to Model United Nations in the way that it facilitates learning and develops critical skills. However, it is also very different due to how ASEAN has its own norms, rules, procedures and customs. This difference influences how decisions are made and how negotiations are conducted.

MUN inc. was honoured to have worked alongside the ASEAN Foundation to develop the first
official Model ASEAN Meeting (“MAM”) protocol which is now being used by students, educators
and non-profit organisations in the region.