The United Nations or “UN” for short, is the largest international organisation in the world
with 193 member states. Its primary goal is to maintain international peace and security. Some of its other purposes include economic cooperation and the harmonising of nations to advance solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.


Model United Nations or “MUN” is an academic simulation of the United Nations where participants take on the role of diplomats called “delegates”. They represent different countries and engage in constructive debate about current world issues, while developing and collaborating on possible solutions.

MUN is a fun and innovative way of combining case-based instruction with experiential learning to introduce sophisticated political concepts and cultivate holistic skills such as researching, writing, speaking, negotiating and networking.

It is estimated that over 200,000 students globally participate in MUN each year – making it one of the world’s most popular after-school activities.

As the foremost expert of MUN in the region, MUN inc. continuously seeks ways to pioneer
new ways of using MUN as an educational learning tool, and strives to elevate the standards of MUN conferences by introducing internationally recognised best practices and teaching methods.